Classica Portfolio WordPress Theme

Classica is a beautifully handcrafted portfolio WordPress theme by Orman Clark. It’s clean, professional and truly aesthetic. There are lots of premium portfolio themes out there, but rarely you’d find a finely designed and built one like this. It’s beautiful inside out. I immediately fell in love with it the moment I saw it.

There’s an immediate showcase of your recent projects in the front page, as well as your recent blog posts (not shown in the screenshot).

The portfolio is nicely and clearly displayed in boxes with title and some short description. read more

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Kureno Lorem Ipsum Tool

Tired of the old-fashioned Lorem Ipsum dummy text? Team Kureno has built a new fresh alternative Lorem Ipsum Tool! Well, it’s still a dummy text, but it’s readable dummy text. So what if it’s readable? Of course it’ll make your design mockups prettier to look at and make sense.

There has been debates whether or not dummy text should be readable or unreadable. Some thought that readable dummy text could distracts the focus of the people who’re aiming at the overall look of the mockup (design). Some said that dummy text should be readable; since dummy text represents content; and content is one of the most important and powerful part of a website, and it needs to “connect” with the mockup in-the-making. read more

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PRESSure Free WordPress Theme

PRESSure is a premium free WordPress theme designed and developed by the creative and talented guys at 177Designs (who previously operated FreebiesDock).

Judging by the look, PRESSure is more of a magazine or news WordPress theme, but it’s not limited to just that. You can also use PRESSure for your personal blog. PRESSure has all the premium functions built-in, so you don’t have to install any plugin to get it up and running.

Other than PRESSure, they have been working on their first paid theme as well, Less Is More. read more

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Icon Jar: The Never-Ending Icon Set

Icon Jar consists of 139 (and counting) high quality icons designed by the renowned designer at WeFunction, Liam McKay. Interestingly, you only have to purchase this icon set once. And you’ll still get the new icons whenever the set is updated — at no additional cost.

I really love the concept of Icon Jar. The never-ending icon set. Simple yet very worthy. You can purchase the icon set at just $23, valid only for the first week. That’s almost 50% off, dude!

p/s: Follow Icon Jar on Twitter to get the latest updates on the icons. read more

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Harimau Malaya Free WordPress Theme

Recently, KreativeThemes has released its latest free WordPress theme, Harimau Malaya.

Harimau Malaya” means “Malayan Tiger“, some sort of an official nickname given to our national football team. The theme is made free as a part of celebration and appreciation to our national football team for winning the AFF Suzuki Cup for the first time in 14 years.

You can download a copy of Harimau Malaya theme at its official release page. Don’t forget to check out our other premium paid and free themes as well. :) read more

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Skeptical Free WordPress Theme

Some time ago, I designed a WordPress theme for WooThemes. WooThemes worked their magic on the design and later on, released a free WordPress theme called, Skeptical.

Even with all the contents gone, there are still people who drop by looking for Skeptical WordPress theme. Well, if you’re looking for Skeptical free WordPress theme, please head over to WooThemes themes collection and you can download from there.

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