Kureno Lorem Ipsum Tool

Tired of the old-fashioned Lorem Ipsum dummy text? Team Kureno has built a new fresh alternative Lorem Ipsum Tool! Well, it’s still a dummy text, but it’s readable dummy text. So what if it’s readable? Of course it’ll make your design mockups prettier to look at and make sense.

There has been debates whether or not dummy text should be readable or unreadable. Some thought that readable dummy text could distracts the focus of the people who’re aiming at the overall look of the mockup (design). Some said that dummy text should be readable; since dummy text represents content; and content is one of the most important and powerful part of a website, and it needs to “connect” with the mockup in-the-making.

Well, people have their own opinions and so we are. In my case, I prefer readable dummy text over the old-fashioned one. So if you too, are comfortable with readable dummy text, here is the perfect tool for you! :)

p/s: I hope there will be a Dashboard widget for this tool soon, like Loremify. It really comes handy. :)

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