Where Can You Buy Blank T-Shirts Online

Last night my sister and I were hunting for places where we can buy blank t-shirts. We planned to look out in Mid Valley but why buying outside when you can buy online?

We found two places which sell quality blank t-shirts in bulk at affordable prices.

1. MD Textile Sdn. Bhd. (from RM8.50)

MD Textile offers blank roundneck t-shirts and polo shirts. If you want to order custom colored t-shirts, they have a T-Shirt Configurator for you to play around with.

2. Roundneck Industries (from RM10.00)


You can have more choices from Roundneck Industries. They have more choices material-wise from value grade to ultra grade.  They also have more colors to choose from. Other than roundneck t-shirts, they also sell sport shirts, baby tee, long sleeves, v-neck shirts and hooded sweatshirts.

We’re still waiting for the package to arrive. Should be soon.

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