Super Mono Icons by Double-J Design

Today, while searching for additional sets of mono web icons to add to my collections, I came across this Super Mono Icons set designed by Double-J Design.

Super Mono Icons set consists of 1728 monochrome icons comes in 3 styles: Basic, reflection and sticker styles. Basic and reflection styles come in four different colors: Red, green, yellow and blue.

This icons set is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license, which means, you can download and use them in your personal and commercial projects, however, a linkback to the creator’s site is required. If you intend to not providing a linkback, a royalty-free license is available for purchase at £30. read more

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PRESSure Free WordPress Theme

PRESSure is a premium free WordPress theme designed and developed by the creative and talented guys at 177Designs (who previously operated FreebiesDock).

Judging by the look, PRESSure is more of a magazine or news WordPress theme, but it’s not limited to just that. You can also use PRESSure for your personal blog. PRESSure has all the premium functions built-in, so you don’t have to install any plugin to get it up and running.

Other than PRESSure, they have been working on their first paid theme as well, Less Is More. read more

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